3 Essential Feelings for Our Well-Being: Post 3

In our third and final post on this topic, we explore the feeling of joy as an essential feeling for our well-being.

We often strive to “be happy.” But happiness in this context can mean many different things; for some it comes in achievements or financial success. For others, it might be found in spending time with loved ones, being out in nature, playing sports. For some, happiness comes in moments, for others, it is an underlying feeling. Happiness is often a mix of both internal and external influences.

Joy is distinguished from happiness as it tends to be linked more to our internal process. When we feel joy, it comes with a sense of peace. Joy grounds us, it warms our insides, it reminds us of our blessings. When we feel joyful, we feel soulful and connected. In therapy we learn that happiness can be too big of a word, instead, let us strive for contentment. Once we begin to feel more content, we have opened up room for joy.

A solid well-being relies on feeling grounded; in control of the overall areas of our lives. The feelings of security, love and joy help to keep our well-being intact, providing protection from the storm. We are best served to strive to focus on creating relationships and experiences that create and maintain those feelings in our daily lives. Our well-being will thank us 🙂

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6 thoughts on “3 Essential Feelings for Our Well-Being: Post 3”

  1. Good morning Kristine
    Wise words, indeed. However, at times, even contentment can be an elusive thing in my world. Will keep striving.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Julia and thank you for sharing. We are all deserving of contentment; keep working towards it. The steps you take will be worth it.
      Take care of yourself, xo

  2. “Warms our insides……” A perfect description. I am reminded by today’s post of a conversation with a woman who, having suffered many losses, was, in her bereavement, feeling unloved as so many of her beloved were gone. She came over time to an understanding that this was now a period where she would be focussed on providing love, on sending it out to others, that receiving might come later, but was joyful and delighted having figured out her “Love job”.

    • How lovely; thanks for sharing Gurlie. Sometimes we find just as much joy in giving love as in receiving it – I am sure it did come back to her in time 🙂


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