5 Habits of the Mentally Strong

What does it mean to be mentally strong? Part of it comes from our ability to be resilient; to challenges, to change. Part of it comes from our ability to honour and regulate our emotions. Part of it comes from the habits we form in purposefully working on our emotional strength. Here are 5 habits of the mentally strong:

  • Maintaining a sense of personal power. Being mentally strong allows us to believe that we have the ability to choose how we deal with any circumstance that comes our way. We have the ability to set healthy boundaries that best support our life goals.
  • Making peace with the past. Our story informs us; we need to understand the past in order to move forward from it. This is where being mentally strong comes into play as an understanding that the past is to be integrated into our life story ~ as a stepping stone and not as a roadblock.
  • Practicing gratitude. Make no mistake about it, when we actively count our blessings, we feed the part of our brain that builds resilience.
  • Accepting full responsibility for choices/actions. Mentally strong means that we can handle when we have made a mistake, overstepped boundaries and can move in for repair. It also means being able to take credit for the good things we have done too!
  • Setting aside time. When we are mentally strong, we understand the importance of self-care and the need for reflection.

Habits of the mentally strong can easily become part of our lifestyle with some understanding and practice. 🙂

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@markusspiske


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