5 ways to Increase Gratitude

Yesterday’s post looked at the science behind being thankful; today we look at 5 ways we can increase gratitude:

  • Being mindful of what is around you. When we are consciously focused on slowing down and being attuned to what is happening in our day, we make room for noticing little things such as the sunrise on the way into work, the dog happily meeting us at the door, hugs from our loved ones, the food in front of you at dinner, the cozy way your bed feels at the end of the day.
  • Make room for joy and beauty. When we build our week to include moments that bring joy and beauty into our lives, we instantly feel more thankful.
  • Write down what you are grateful for. Start a journal or a gratitude jar. Writing down what we are grateful for not only cements it for us, it also makes us more conscious of appreciating the little things.
  • Work on shifting your inner narrative. Wake up kind of cranky? Feeling like life is getting you down? When we work on overall acceptance, it helps us to recognise that we can find the good even when we are faced with life’s challenges.
  • Act as a model for others. When we are authentic in our gratitude, we set the example by focusing on creating a satisfying life.

We know that it serves us well to be thankful. It creates for us an overall contentedness and a belief that even in our trying times, we can remain thankful for everything we have.

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2 thoughts on “5 ways to Increase Gratitude”

  1. lovely post. my daughter gave me a journal to write down good things that happen in my life. only good. its a gratitude journal in its own way and positive reinforcement.

    • That sounds like a lovely gift! I write in a gratitude journal every day and it is surprising how much it contributes to my day 🙂


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