5 Ways to Reduce Chronic Stress

We know from yesterday’s blog post that chronic stress and cortisol are not a good mix; putting both our physical and mental health at risk. Our mind-body system needs to be able to return to it’s relaxation response in order for cortisol to best do its job; therefore, reducing stress in our daily lives becomes part of our goal towards creating balance for a healthier life. Here are 5 possible ways to help reduce chronic stress:

  1. Unlearn to worry (yes, it’s possible!). Worrying and anxiety go hand-in-hand; creating increased overall stress in our lives.
  2. Get outside. 30 minutes of walking a day, preferably in nature, is optimal; the research proves it works just as well as anti-depressants to boost mood.
  3. Daily self-care. 10 minutes of “just you time” a day is a great way to remind ourselves that we are important too.
  4. Prioritize. Look at your list each day and ask yourself, “Which tasks do I have to get done today? Can I delegate, delete or defer any of them?” (Try it; it works!)
  5. Laugh. Find ways to bring laughter into your day; at work, at home, with friends. We often underestimate the power of laughter and the uplifting quality it brings to our soul.

These are just 5 ways, of many, that we can move towards finding balance in our lives and working with our cortisol to produce an optimal system of stress regulation.

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Reduce Chronic Stress”

  1. this is a great post. i know all these things but i dont do them well. hardly ever laugh, worry for nothing, dont self-care enough and can always use more outside time

    • I guess it can also serve as a reminder of what you can lean on when feeling stressed. Sometimes we have to force ourselves, but when we do, it always feels better. Hugs to you Brian 🙂


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