6 Mantras to Help Get Us Through Tough Moments

We all have days that just don’t go well for us. Sometimes it is simply a measure of our busy lives, other times it may be a part of our bigger struggle. Having a phrase that we can say to ourselves to get us through a tough moment is a way that we can shift our focus to a place that feels safer; it also helps to temper some of our emotion with reality. Here are some possible mantras to adopt:

  1. “One day at a time.” Probably the most popular and well liked; it reminds us that the sun rises again tomorrow, and with it the promise of a new day.
  2. “I won’t feel like this forever.” Very often, our immediate feelings overwhelm us and we can be remiss in remembering that our feelings, both joyful and sad, have a place in our growth.
  3. “I’m stronger than I think.” We can often lose the perspective of our own strength and capability in the midst of overwhelming emotion; this mantra brings us back to our courage.
  4. “Slow and steady.” Much like the turtle that wins the race, this mantra reminds us that movement, regardless of speed, still gets us somewhere.
  5. “Head up, heart open.” I can’t remember where I first heard this mantra, but I have really appreciated it in my own life. It is a poetic reminder that we can stay focused, while maintaining an open and compassionate view of ourselves and others.
  6. “No matter what, I’ll be okay.” My personal favourite and one that I have used many times in my own experience with trying times. A lovely reminder that we can get through adversity and be okay.

Having a mantra for the tough moments is a healthy practice that often keeps us from “going down the rabbit hole.” Choosing something that feels right for you is a good first step in adopting a mantra that supports healthy internal dialogue and reinforces resilience. 🙂

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