A Little Motivation

Yesterday’s post reminds us of the importance of walking – and how even 15 minutes can create an impact on your physical and emotional well being. Although my daily walk has become a well engrained habit, it isn’t willpower that keeps me faithful to it. After all, it is often easier to convince yourself no to go.

“It is too hot.”

“I could be doing something else.”

“I need to use my lunch hour to catch up on work.”

“I’m tired. Or hungry. Or cranky. Not feeling up to it.”

Sound familiar? The reason that willpower isn’t enough to keep us motivated is because it is tied to emotion. So if we are feeling good, willpower has the ability to kick in and help out. But if we are feeling crummy or blue, willpower isn’t anywhere to be found. When we want a practice such as walking to become a habit, we often need a bit of an external motivation. I always find myself more dedicated when I have something that prompts me to stick with it. Some examples include:

  • walking a dog (right now my nephew’s dog is my walking companion.)
  • using something like a Fitbit or Apple watch. It can be a fun challenge to get your steps.
  • joining a Conqueror Challenge Virtual Event: https://www.theconqueror.events/
  • lining up a walking or exercise partner.
  • paying for an exercise class.

Sometimes the extra motivation is all we need to get moving. Practice walking enough and it soon becomes a part of your day that contributes to your overall sense of calm and groundedness.

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@josephtpearson

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