A Way to Accept

Sometimes we have a hard time accepting something and as a result we lean into eternal hope. That place where anything is possible; where miracles can happen and what we wish for will come true. Perhaps we hope that a relationship will improve, or an outcome will come out in our favour – perhaps we realize that the boundaries we put in place are respected, or our expectations that someone will change will come to pass. Although eternal hope is usually linked to our emotion brain, we can also use our logical brain to help us accept that what we wish for may not be possible.

Recently my friend Gurlie (and fellow therapist) commented on a post and she remarked something that she had learned from a client that indeed could help us to accept what will come to pass –  “While it’s possible, it’s not probable.” 

We may know it’s possible, yet the facts also allow us to recognize that it may not be probable. What a soft and gentle way to help us accept what we perhaps are struggling with.

Thanks Gurlie!

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@wilsanphotography

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