The Absence of Growth

In order for nature to flourish, it requires the proper amounts of hydration, nutrients, light, climate and space. In humans, we have both the advantage of the human growth hormone and cell propagation that allow us to physically grow; less than optimal conditions can affect this system as well.

But what about emotional growth? How important is it for us to function? Well, I suppose that comes down to the importance we place on reaching our full potential, realizing and achieving our well-being goals and the prominence of meaning and purpose in our lives. Anyone can go through the motions, but in the absence of growth, we can become static, stuck, unchanging.

Perhaps the single most important element that is required for growth is movement. Without it, water goes stagnant, trees don’t grow, humans fail to thrive. Movement gives us direction, a sense of accomplishment, and an underlying feeling that we are nourishing our system in a holistic way. Challenges can be stepping stones, goals can be broken down into achievable steps, we can give ourselves permission to satisfy our human need to continue learning, not only about the world but about ourselves as well.

The bottom line? Growth equals movement; one step at a time.

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