Alan Alda and Rachael Ray podcast on Communicating Through Food

In a recent podcast entitled “Clear and Vivid with Alan Alda: Rachael Ray on Communicating Through the Medium of Food,”  Rachael has this to say about the process of cooking:

“The reason I like working in food is that it is such a great conduit for communication. It does things that words can’t do. It can connect you with literally who you are and to the generations that we’ve lost. Food is more powerful than words in some way because is appeals to all of your senses.”

She goes on to share stories about her Sicilian grandfather and what it was like for her to spend much of her early years with him. I especially resonate with the role that food plays in connecting with our loved ones who have passed away. Recipes, handed down from generations, are a way to remember the comfort that person brought us. One bite of the shrimp dip served at Christmas reminds me of my grandmother, corn fritters belong to my Aunt Sue, and cinnamon buns to my dear Mom.  The act of cooking for another is one of love and familiarity, it leaves us satisfied and feeling content.

To listen to the podcast (it was quite worth it; Rachael has a wonderful personality, and they even talk about toasted spaghetti!):

Photo credit: http://Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

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3 thoughts on “Alan Alda and Rachael Ray podcast on Communicating Through Food”

  1. Toasted spaghetti ? I gotta try that! I too hoard recipes from family, the best is when the recipe is in their handwriting, on an old envelope for scrap paper, maybe a smear or two and presto, you have a work of art as a touchstone of a beloved.

    • Hi Gurlie,

      Thanks for your comment! My sister has some of my grandmother’s recipes framed; you’re right about how that can beloved art in your home; thanks for the great suggestion 🙂

  2. I love the idea of framing handwritten recipes (complete with messy character)! What a lovely idea, definitely worth some thought and a peruse through my old treasured recipes…


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