Another Tidbit by Dr. Eger

Yesterday’s post featured an excellent book by Dr. Edith Eva Eger entitled “The Choice.” She talks at one point about deriving her own approach to therapy and I quote:

“If I had to name my therapy I’d probably call it Choice Therapy, as freedom is about CHOICE – about choosing compassion, humour, optimism, intuition, curiosity and self-expression. And to be free is to live in the present. It we are stuck in the past, saying, “If only I had gone there instead of here…..” or “If only I had married someone else…,” we are living in a prison of our own making. Likewise, if we spend our time in the future saying, “I won’t be happy until I graduate…” or “I won’t be happy until I find the right person.” The only place where we can exercise our freedom of choice is the present.”

I like the concepts she proposes in her anagram, as well as the overall theme that we have the choice as to how to approach the challenges in our lives. There are times when we must reach for our compassion (including to ourselves) or see the humour in the situation. We can choose to feed the negative thoughts, or choose to find the silver lining. Our gut only helps us if we listen to it – and if you read this blog regularly, you know how important I think being curious is! 🙂 And finally, finding our voice. Our telling of our story and the freedom we find in sharing it.

Some excellent thoughts to ponder from Dr. Eger – thank you for your lived wisdom.

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  1. As usual your book recommendations sent me on a search, I hope you’ll be posting a bit from her book “The Gift” the short summary I looked at seemed Just as wonderful as her first.


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