An App for People on the Autism Spectrum

In a recent article entitled, “Autistic Teenager Creates App To Help People On the Spectrum” by Nicholas Fearn and featured on Forbes, we meet Ethan Shallcross, an eighteen year old software developer who has created an App for people on the autism spectrum. Created with his own experience in mind, he says:

“The app has been built with people on the autism spectrum in mind, and has influenced the design and functionality of the entire app. However, it is not just for people on the autism spectrum. People who have high anxiety, are frequently burnt out, or struggle with their mental health may also find it useful.”

The App, named Aumi (search for the one that has Ethan’s name associated with it), features a mood-tracking widget, an energy accounting tool to help prevent burnout, a planner, and a feature that creates profiles to make it easier for users to tell others about themselves in situations where they may struggle with communication.

What a wonderful resource for those struggling to manage levels of sensitivity. To read the full article:

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