The Art of the Compliment

Compliments are powerful. We may not think that a few words of praise will do much; however, compliments are probably the easiest way to show someone you appreciate them.

Sometimes we may struggle in giving a compliment; perhaps you were not praised very much as a child, perhaps you ascribe to the belief that giving someone a compliment is going to “give them a big head,” perhaps you wait to be complimented first. Regardless of the reason, verbally appreciating someone feels foreign and uncomfortable and so you hesitate. The good news is that the art of the compliment can be honed; first by recognizing its value, second by practicing your skills.

Compliments can be about appearance – “You look so handsome in that suit,” or about something you have just benefited from – “What a great supper, thank you, I loved the chicken recipe.” It can be about someone’s qualities – “You are so good at negotiating, I learn so much from watching you,” or about our own sense of pride – “You really worked hard, I’m proud of you.”

When we compliment someone, the overall aim is to appreciate. We want the recipient to feel listened to and seen. The best way to achieve this is through authenticity – through warmth, we best deliver praise to someone. They will automatically feel the compliment, not just hear the words.

It is amazing how sometimes the fewest of words can build and support. If given the opportunity to compliment, do so. The energy sent and recieved benefits the greater good. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The Art of the Compliment”

  1. this is an interesting post
    i just realized that my family/parents never complimented my whole life. when someone outside of my family complicated me, i didnt know what to do with it. also , i didnt compliment other people because it wasnt familiar to me. ive learned in time to acknowledge receiving a compliment, still double take it for genuineness. i compliment people all the time, maybe realizing how important/influential of saying good things

    • It is so good to hear that despite not getting compliments as a child, you have learned to embrace the art of complimenting. It makes such a difference in creating healthy relationships 🙂


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