Avatar and It’s Deeper Meaning

I watched Avatar this week for the first time; a movie that I was interested in based on hearing Oprah talk about a line that they use in the movie to greet each other – “I see you.”

Based in the future, on an island far into space, the story is ultimately one of love and transformation; it is about connection and the ability to appreciate and honour other cultures and the natural world. The fictional tribe in Avatar have a way of connecting their bodies (little tentacles in their tails) to other creatures in their world – it is the way that they truly bond as they are able to “see” each other.

How cool would that be? An instant knowing of someone else; an immediate sense of who they are; their struggles and triumphs, their weaknesses and strengths. a glimpse into their soul. Perhaps it would create less misunderstandings and a more global sense of peace.

We may not have the ability to instantly connect our inner worlds, but we do have a way to truly know someone. It is through empathy that we can begin to see another person, not through our eyes and experiences but through theirs. When we abandon our own expectations or judgements and challenge ourselves to try and feel what the other is feeling, we can honestly say “I see you.”

A great movie; it will appeal to you in many ways. Cozy up and get the popcorn ready – it is well worth the time.

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