The Balance Between Rest and Effort

They say that the balance between rest and effort  is 42% rest and 58% effort; those are the magic numbers that allow our brains and bodies to function well.

Rest comes in the way of a good night’s sleep however, it isn’t the only way to relax. We can also choose to rest by:

  • Learning to say no. If we say yes to everything that is asked of us, our effort becomes the greater number we feed.
  • Be creative. When we do something that engages one of the arts, we allow our souls to connect with peace.
  • Being still. Just sitting for a bit with no man-made distractions (social media, TV) can do wonders for feeling rejuvenated.
  • Being in nature. Another soul nourishing experience.
  • Spend time in a sacred space. That might be a little grove in a forest, a favourite room in the house, a church pew, a tucked-in spot by the water. Seeking solitude always helps to decompress.

The key to finding the balance is just that – a focus on what feels right. We typically know when we are overworking ourselves and feeling frayed, just as we know when the pendulum has swung too far and we succumbed to hours of mindlessly ‘doing nothing.’ Perhaps the key is to aim for the numbers –  helping us to find the balance between rest and effort and ultimate optimization. :)

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