Before You Say Yes

We tend to over commit. Say yes to things because it feels bad to say no. We just try to squeeze everything in to make people happy, putting our own needs on the back burner. It can be difficult to decide where our responsibilities lie, and everything begins to feels as though it’s a requirement.

Instead of jumping in with both barrels, is it possible to move to a position of balancing our priorities with our demands? Three questions that we can ask ourselves before we say yes:

  1. What is my current energy level? Do I have the time and strength to dedicate to this task?
  2. What amount of help or support will I have if I say yes to this request?
  3. What is my emotional state? Do I feel up to committing to this invitation?

Working through this checklist can give us insight as to what we are capable of agreeing to, at that moment and time in our week; furthering our goal to make ourselves important too :)

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