Being Stubborn – Is it Good or Bad?

I guess the most neutral answer is that it depends. Sometimes our stubbornness can be a productive tool in moving forward in our goals – especially if we have had setbacks that threaten to get us off track. Sometimes in our values, there is a determined air that keeps us from making choices that may be unhealthy.

Being stubborn; however can also at times proves troublesome. If we are too rigid in our thinking and we try to ‘force’ an issue, or someone’s choice in a matter, we will create resistance. Counter-will is often triggered when being inflexibly told to do something; stubbornness can create frustration in our loved ones.  This affects trust; an invariable necessity in loving relationships.

We are much better served to lean into a flexible way of thinking; when we remain open to other’s points of view or opinions, we leverage trust. Our loved ones know that we are approachable and are able to negotiate without compromising values.

As this quote by Jason Versey wisely reminds us:

“The oak that will not bend; breaks” ― Jason Versey

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