Both Can Be True

We often want things to be one or the other. Our natural inclination is to lean in one direction, and sometimes part of our acceptance is in understanding that we sometimes will need to hold opposing forces equally. Let us remind ourselves that:

  • We can be resilient and still feel fragile.
  • We can feel courage and yet also feel fearful.
  • We can be independant and still need others.
  • We can move forward within our setbacks.
  • We can forgive and still feel pain.
  • We can move on and still feel loss.
  • We can say no and still feel doubt.
  • We can grow and still feel unsure.

The importance of opposing forces is to recognize that they can exist within us simultaneously. We will much easier on ourselves when we can incorporate both into our experiences; after all, it makes for a much richer process. 🙂

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