When a Break Up Happens: Resource

Going through a break up at any stage in life is difficult. We have to be able to try and stay distracted from the desire to completely shut off from the world, while not staying so busy that we completely avoid the feelings we need to process. We have to try and balance the advice of “the less contact, the better” that we instinctively know we should adopt, while at the same time needing our ex for support during a time we feel most vulnerable.

A relationship ending throws us into the stages of grief, and the feelings that come from that loss can feel very invasive and at times overwhelming. I recently heard about an app called “Mend;” it features daily audio training, practical tips and community support. Although many people rely on their support network during challenging times, it is also validating to be connected to others who are also going through something similar, at the same time. Sometimes, it is through the normalizing process of discovering “Okay, someone else is going through this right now too” that leads you to feeling connected and understood.

To check out the app: https://www.letsmend.com/

There is also a blog with articles and interviews: https://www.letsmend.com/blog

Photo credit: http://Photo by Trym Nilsen on Unsplash

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