Building Resilience; Post 2

Yesterday’s post looked at the importance of our mindset when building resilience. Today, we look at well being and how it can contribute to the overall level of resilience we have in dealing with stress, a situation out of our control, loss, trauma.

One of the greatest factors that contributes to our well being is when, upon examination, we feel good about our lives. Paramount to feeling an overall sense of satisfaction is the amount of personal control we have within them. When we are actively and purposefully designing our life by contributing to choices in our work, spirituality, social life, relationships and self-care, we are building a stronger foundation for handling a stressful situation.

Here are some examples of how well-established habits and well being can help in building resilience:

  • Getting outside. Research shows us over and over that being in nature and getting fresh air contributes to our ability to manage stress.
  • Set aside time for spirituality. For some that includes religion, for others it doesn’t. Consciously focusing our your soul work builds a greater sense of self in the universe.
  • Shared experiences. We are a relationship species and need connection.
  • Sleep habits, exercise, eating healthy. Great wellness goals overall.

These are just a few examples of how, when a stressful situation comes our way, we have built up some natural resilience. When we are purposefully contributing to a healthier life in general, we will lean into those coping strategies when times get tough. Our overall well being plays an important role in feeling resilient. 🙂

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