Keep Blooming

I have come to really appreciate the work of Morgan Harper Nichols:

Because no matter the amount of times you have felt lost

in a sea of a thousand things to do, in a range of roles and responsibilities

and the many ways that others see you, all along you have still been you.

You have been blooming everyday, and no amount of feeling 

unnoticed can pull you away from this truth. 

-Morgan Harper Nichols

There are times in life when we may feel unappreciated; perhaps in the busyness of our days we have put ourselves on the back burner. I believe that any work we have done on ourselves is never lost; the progress has still been achieved. It is perhaps a re-shifting of our needs that simply requires our attention to bring us back to our bloom 🙂

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A Little Poem About Importance

Sometimes we forget that we can be important to others in subtle ways. I resonated with this little poem:

You might think that you don’t matter in this world, but because of you,

someone has a favourite mug to drink their tea out of that you bought them. 

Someone hears a song on the radio and it reminds them of you. 

Someone has read a book you recommended to them and gotten lost in its pages. Someone’s remembered 

a joke you told them and smiled to themselves on the bus. Never think you don’t have an impact.

Your fingerprints can’t be wiped away from the little marks of kindness that you’ve left behind.


The kindnesses we afford others are remembered along the way. Some days, we need to read this little poem as a nice reminder of our worth.

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A Quote by perry poetry

I came across this quote the other day:

Never fall for a heart that doesn’t beat as loudly as you do for it.  – perry poetry

I suppose we all, to some degree, have let this happen. It may have been in an intimate relationship, a friendship, or even a colleague at work. In any context, in order for a relationship to be healthy, reciprocity is an essential ingredient. Of course, there are times when we may carry the weight of the relationship, and we do so lovingly and with understanding. When we reach a point in the relationship; however, where we hesitantly admit that we are consistently doing more of the work, this is where the relationship has become unbalanced.

Perhaps we move towards trying to change it, perhaps we accept it, all the while turning our focus inward with some self-care, perhaps we make the tougher decision to leave it. In any case, creating some space to explore it, is an important piece to gaining a greater understanding of the symbiotic beating of hearts, and the healthiness that lies therein 🙂

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A Winter Day Reminder

We are into February which brings the ever tiniest promise of spring. Still considered a month in the ‘dark days of winter,’ it can often seem long until we see the first true signs of warmer weather and the spring thaw. As the month progresses, we will most likely notice that the sun seems a bit warmer and the days a bit longer. We can only be patient, focusing on the present day as it comes with its own blessings.

To remind us to hold steady, we can rely on the words of Mary Oliver who wrote:

“Sometimes I need only to stand wherever I am to be blessed.” – Mary Oliver

We can lean into the promise of the day by consciously stating our blessing for it:

“Hello, sun in my face. Hello you who made the morning and spread it over the fields…

Watch, now, how I start the day in happiness, in kindness.” – Mary Oliver

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A Reminder that We Can Heal

I came across this quote from Dodinsky:


A memory visited my heart.

It mumbled the same story

as the previous days.

I usually dismiss it with tears.

But today is different.

Today I released it with a smile.

– Dodinsky

We come to a point in our healing when something within us changes. It can come from an aha moment or it can arrive without fanfare. It is a moment in time when we realize we have healed from a past hurt, when we have given ourselves permission to feel only the wake of its peace.

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Three Things the Pandemic Has Taught Me

When I think about our experience of managing through the ebb and flow of the effects of a worldwide pandemic, I also reflect on the life lessons this has taught me. Through three quotes, I have learned:

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.” – Mahatma Gandhi. Perhaps my biggest take away is how slowing down has been a huge blessing; not only in my own experience, but seeing it shift as a valuable effect on society in general.

“Our character is often revealed at our highs and lows…..Be humble at the mountaintops. Be steadfast in the valleys. Be faithful in between.” – marcandangel.  Covid-19 has reinforced to me a basic principle that I live by – we cannot always control what happens to us by way of challenges that come into our path. What we do have control over is how we respond to those difficult times; we can do it with fear or we can do it with grace.

And lastly: “We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.”― Herman Melville. The most important lesson? That our connections matter; that our loved ones and the unconditional regard that exist with them is what settles us, sustains us,  and creates peace within our souls.

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The Effect of Another

I love this passage by writer, Victoria Erickson:

“There are certain people that’ll 

inhabit a small, quiet space inside

your heart despite any circumstance,

happening, or situation. They 

left a piece of themselves when

your souls collided upon impact.

And there they’ll always subtly remain.”

– Victoria Erickson

There are times in our lives where someone we loved is no longer present. Perhaps through their passing, or a relationship that was not meant to last a lifetime. Perhaps we have had to let someone go because they have hurt us in some way. Regardless, the effect of another, for the time that there was love, is still of value. Thank you for the lovely reminder, Victoria Erickson.

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A Quote About Hiking (it’s really about life)

I stumbled upon this quote about hiking (author unknown):  Hiking is a bit like life: The journey only requires you to put one foot in front of the other….again and again and again. And if you allow yourself opportunity to be present throughout the entirety of the trek, you will witness beauty every step of the way, not just at the summit. 

Very often, the “summit” is our goal. We fall into the notions of society that if we earn a certain amount of money, own more things, live to an expected, yet unrealistic level of perfection, we will be rewarded by the rich view of the summit. And perhaps we will. But what about the journey?

I have always loved the mantra “one day at a time;” not only for the times in my life where my emotional capacity was challenged, but also as a reminder to slow down. It is meant as a reminder to focus not only on our goals for achievement, but also on our peaceful moments, our rewarding moments, our rich moments, our simple moments. One step at a time, until the summit is reached.

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Defining Who We Are

I love this quote by Brooke Hampton: “I am pieces of all the places I have been, and the people I have loved. I’ve been stitched together by song lyrics, book quotes, adventure, late night conversations, moonlight, and the smell of coffee.”

Our experiences help develop us; but more importantly than that, it is our awareness of how we are shaped by life that truly allows us to appreciate how nuanced and beautiful our souls are. Every single person has a quote similar to this; every single person can reflect upon what it is that ultimately creates and sustains them. Perhaps taking a few minutes to write our own quote can help us in continuing to gain a deeper sense of our definition; to grow in the soil that has created us. Here is mine:

“I find myself in my loved one’s mannerisms, in their laughter and their light. A piece of my heart is left in every place that I have traveled; tied to the memories that were made there. I’ve been stitched together by book quotes, the sound of laughter, the waves of the ocean crashing upon the shore, the stillness of nature, family dinners and the smell of spring.”

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New Year’s Prayer

Today marks the beginning of 2021. I read this poem by D.Simone and send this thoughtful intention to you:

“May light always surround you;
Hope kindle and rebound you.
May your hurts turn to healing;
Your heart embrace feeling.
May wounds become wisdom;
Every kindness a prism.
May laughter infect you;
Your passion resurrect you.
May goodness inspire
your deepest desires.
Through all that you reach for,
May your arms never tire.”
― D. Simone

Happy New Year!

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