Changing the Script

We can all fall into the cognitive trap of an internal voice that is often too critical. It is more often than not that we will be harder on ourselves than we would on others and we can easily afford others compassion while disregarding the need for it ourselves.

In a recent podcast episode in Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations; Iyanla: Finding Yourself and the One You Want, we listen to the wisdom of Iyanla Vanzant. Iyanla, in her no-nonsense and hilarious way of delivering some soulful advice, teaches us that we often “language ourselves into disempowerment.” This resonates, as I often remark that we can choose to use language in such a way as to bring strength and resilience into our space.

Iyanla has a way of bringing what needs to be said to a bare-bones, bottom line aha moment. For the people in the podcast she is speaking with, and for all of us tuned in.  A worthy listen; you can follow the link here:

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