Choices as Opportunities

We often avoid change; it has enough associations to fear and negative results that sometimes just the thought of something changing can lead us to try and sidestep it. Sometimes however; change is inevitable and we are faced with a choice. That choice can be exciting (such as the prospect of a new job) or it can be difficult (ending an unhealthy relationship). We can do our list of pros and cons, talk to our best friend about how they would proceed, we can bring it to therapy 🙂

An additional thought to the process is to begin to view the choice through a lens of opportunity. “What will this choice bring me by way of opportunity? How will making this decision potentially better my life/experience?” 

By asking ourselves these questions, we temper our fear with curiosity. We are able to move beyond our immediate response of anxiety to a more objective view of the big picture. By seeing our choices as potential opportunities, we give ourselves permission to move forward, to grow, to reach the next stepping stone.  Sounds like a good plan to me 🙂

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