There is Comfort in Grief

As anyone who follows my blog regularly, you know that I lost my mom last November. Although I rely on the knowledge that grief has its own timeline, I also know inherently, that I will forever miss her. She played an integral role in my life, was a strong member of my support circle, and I consider her to be one of my kindred spirits. And although I still have times of deep, grief filled moments, I also have happy moments, peaceful moments, joyful moments.

The other day on my way to work I stopped at my parents house to pick up some pieces of foam that we are going to use for camping. I jammed them into my car, drove to work and quite contentedly put my day in; I saw 5 clients, and spent time outside reading at lunch. At the end of my day, I was heading to the car thinking about who knows what, when as soon as I opened the car door, what instantly greeted me was the smell of my parents home. I felt immediate comfort. (Then proceeded to smile and take in the biggest of deep breaths!)

From a logical perspective, I know it was the foam, retaining the smell of their home. From an emotional perspective, for just an instant, all was well with the world,  for I felt them with me. There is comfort in grief.

Photo credit: Me! This is a childhood picture visiting Montmerency Falls near Quebec City.

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