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You either love Dr. Phil or you don’t. He is a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is therapist and the reason I like him is because it’s authentically him. If someone is going to tell you the truth about your life, you want it to come from a genuine source.

My colleague Darlene directed me towards a Dr. Phil podcast series called “Living By Design.” First off, love the name; it implies that we can make conscious choices to achieve our goals and live a purposeful life. Dr. Phil uses humour, common sense and his own personal stories to create this podcast. As an aside, he tells this fantastic story about his life-law “You either get it or you don’t” when, as a teenager, he and four friends get caught speeding by a Southern, “don’t-take-any-guff” cop – it was absolutely priceless!

In Part I, Dr. Phil explores the concept of internal dialogue.  He says “What is your personal truth? You need to turn your ear inward and ask yourself – what is your internal dialogue? How do you label yourself? What do you say to yourself? Because if all through the day, you’re putting yourself down – until you change that internal dialogue, you’re never going to get the results you truly deserve.” 

He also talks about 4 criteria for rational thought which I consider to be very thought provoking:

In order for a thought to be rational or not:

  1. It has to be grounded in objective fact, not opinion
  2. It has to be in your best interest
  3. It has to protect and prolong your life
  4. It has to get you closer to the healthy goals you have in your life

Dr. Phil’s “Living By Design: Part I” is worth listening to.

To listen to the full podcast: https://www.drphilintheblanks.com/podcast/livingbydesign

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3 thoughts on “Dr. Phil Podcast; Living by Design Series”

  1. Yep same not normally a Dr Phil watcher but im glad I saw with one, those 4 rules are fantastic and I have laminated it on a card I carry with me now.

    So thanks Dr Phil,

    Love from Australia


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