It Doesn’t Stop at Marriage

Healthy relationships are about investment. In the article “23 Damn Good Pieces of Marriage Advice All Couples Need to Read” by Fatherly, we read the advice given by therapists and relationship experts as to how to keep a marriage healthy. Here are five that resonated with me:

  • “Remember your commitment. When there is a foundation of caring and love, then you can trust at all times that you will get through whatever difficulties you are facing.” -Janet Zinn, LCSW
  • “Be flexible. Unexpected events, expenses, and situations come up in relationships. If we are too rigid, we resist facing the unexpected. A couple’s ability to ‘go with the flow’ – especially when it’s dramatically different from what they expected – gives them the opportunity to learn new skills and, more importantly, get to know each other in ways they might never have known before.” – Janet Zinn, LCSW
  • “Go on date nights. It’s so important to have evenings where you don’t worry about diaper-changes, spilled popcorn, or public tantrums. Go have unencumbered fun.” – Andrea Amour (dating coach)
  • “Stay in tune with self-care. Successful couples know that they need to take actions of self-care. This affirms that it’s important to work on the relationship you have with yourself.” – Thomas Gagliano, author of ‘The Problem Was Me.’
  • “Pay attention to the little things. Small gestures carry a lot of weight, and for couples who have mutual respect, those small gestures are second-nature. A simple love note, a slightly longer hug or kiss goodbye can make your partner feel validated and appreciated.” -Dr. Fran Walfish, family psychotherapist.

When we invest in the health of the relationship by purposefully being intentional, we have created the foundation of a good marriage. It is far less about saying “I do” than it is about committing to that both in attitude and action.

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