Don’t Kid Yourself, It Takes Work

People generally come into therapy because they have an issue that has become too big for them. Once an understanding through exploration has been reached, the next step is usually acceptance, and then change. Some people welcome change and they leap into the process; for others the movement is slower, with smaller, more cautious steps.

At times, there is resistance; generated perhaps by core beliefs, perhaps by fear, perhaps by engrained patterning or rigid thinking. The therapy then shifts its focus to work through it.

In any case, therapy requires work. At some point in the process, we have to get to application; we have to roll up our sleeves and get going. Try new skills, try reacting a different way, exchange old thoughts for new ones.

The same goes when we are not in therapy. If we are in the process of self-reflection as a way to achieve continued growth and we are learning valuable things about ourselves, we require action. Small steps count just as much as big ones do. Success comes with consistency, perserverance, and a willingness to do the work. As this Japanese proverb points out:

“Life without endeavour is like entering a jewel mine and coming out with empty hands.” 

Let’s set about to do the work 🙂

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