“Don’t Poke An Angry Bear”

Seems like pretty darn good advice! And that is exactly what anger does for us; it keeps us safe. Anger is a universal emotion; we can recognize anger when presented with it. And anger can be quite useful in that it can produce an action; it also provides relief. Anger however, is only useful when it is in our control; as soon as it moves to aggression (raised voice, yelling, hitting, name calling, etc.) it is no longer in our control and then works against us. When that “angry bear” shows up, it is either going to keep others from engaging with us or increase the conflict (anger will automatically make you feel defensive; it’s a survival strategy!) We are in a much better place when we can recognize our anger and then work to keep our cool. Anger is always precipitated by another emotion. Sometimes this is sheer frustration, but other times we skip over our vulnerable feelings such as sadness, guilt, fear and go right to anger to keep us safe from those tougher emotions. When we feel anger rising, we need to take a deep breath and ask ourselves “What am I feeling first?” Just focusing on this initial feeling can often help keep the anger away from a place that begins to feel out of control.

Photo credit: http://Photo by Thomas Lefebvre on Unsplash

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