What Dr. Phil Has to Say to Fathers of Daughters

I love what Dr. Phil has to say to fathers who have daughters:

“If you do not make your daughter feel valued – if she doesn’t believe that there’s at least one man in this world who believes that she is special, she will find it somewhere else. She will listen to the first ol’ boy, the first young man that comes along and whispers in her ear all the things she wants to hear. Dads – you are not the only voice in your daughter’s ear so you need to make sure you are the BEST voice.”

We learn from our opposite sex parent what to expect in relationship. If our experience has been an emotionally distant father, the probability of meeting and marrying someone who also struggles with emotional capacity is greater. The same can be experienced through a healthy and loving relationship with our dad – we will look for that in our future partner.

Fathers of daughters can be consciously aware of the important role they play with their daughters. Thank you Dr. Phil for the reminder 🙂

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@brittaniburns


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