The Experience of Shared Laughter

During the time of my marital separation, I stumbled across a self-care strategy that proved to be quite instrumental in the starting of my day. As part of my morning routine (when the kids were still in bed), I would watch an episode of Three’s Company. One of my all time favourite shows, it brought about good, cozy feelings –  as it reminded me of my childhood – and it would bring a chuckle to the beginning of my day, starting it off on a good note.

We know, scientically, that laughter is good for us. The research behind laughter indicates that a good belly laugh can improve mood and help to moderate stress hormones (hello endorphins, goodbye cortisol!) In hindsight, this makes sense to me now as I realize that I was helping to relax and regulate my body with laughter.

But what about the process of shared laughter? We are a relationship species and thrive on connection. Shared experience becomes a very important part of that process. Shared laughter, then, combines the benefits of both and helps to physiologically soothe us.

Kurt and I always tend to have a show on the go; sometimes a detective show or something action oriented. Lately, we have been tuning into a comedy; watching two episodes in the evening while we sit side by side on the couch (sharing it with our Great Dane of course!) And when I get up from watching those shows, I can feel the effects of shared laughter. A little more relaxed, a little more connected, ending my day on a good note. :)

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