The Facts Behind a Smile

In an article entitled “The Science Behind Smiling” featured on “Pick the Brain: Grow Yourself,” we learn some interesting facts about smiling:

  • -“When it comes to happiness, children clearly have an advantage over adults—they smile 400 times a day on average, as compared to 20 times a day for adults.” Well, that explains a lot doesn’t it?
  • -“Research shows that when you smile, people treat you differently. Smiling instantly makes you appear more reliable, relaxed, sincere, and attractive.”  Sign me up!
  • -“When the smiling muscles in our face contract, it sends a signal to the brain to stimulate the reward system that further increases our levels of endorphins, or happiness hormones. This triggering of the reward system can have the same effect on our happiness as eating chocolate or receiving a monetary prize.” Chocolate? Really? :)
  • -“The natural response to happiness is smiling. And according to science, the reverse is also true: smiling can actually create happiness. Smiling tricks our brains into believing we are happy, and one way it does this is by making us think of happier memories, which boost our moods.” Awesome!

Bottom line? Find more reasons to smile; it will do you good!

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