The Far Ends of the Continuum

I like to say that everything exists on a continuum; that you can take any quality and it will have its place on a spectrum. Take shyness for example; on one end of the spectrum you would have extreme shyness and on the other would be extreme arrogance. A person can then find themselves somewhere along that continuum. What will get you into trouble are the far ends of the continuum. If you are extremely shy, you might find it difficult to make friends, attend social functions and will find yourself missing out on things in life. If you are extremely arrogant, you will also find it difficult to make friends and find that people may not want to hang out with you.

Essentially, either end of the spectrum will isolate you. It becomes important sometimes in our struggles to ask ourselves where we might lie on the continuum, regardless of the issue, and then seek balance if we are creeping too closely to one of its ends. The middle of the continuum is a good point to strive for as that is where the greatest balance sits. It is about reaching a comfort level that you will be content with, knowing that you are not leaning into the behaviour you are wishing to change but rather challenging it towards growth. After all, “The balance of power is the scale of peace.” ~ Thomas Paine

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