The Final Word (for now) About Anger

Following up on our last two posts is an article entitled “The Wisdom of Anger” by Melvin McLeod and featured on Lion’s Roar. In it, McLeod talks about the energy of anger: “What defines aggression is ego. Aggression is the energy of anger in the service of all we define as “self,” ready to attack anyone and anything we deem a threat. But when anger is released from its service to ego, it ceases to be aggression and simply becomes energy. The pure energy of anger has wisdom and power.”

Drawing from Buddhist wisdom, McLeod also points out that:

  • Anger is the power to say no.
  • When not driven by ego, anger brings good to the world.
  • The practice of mindfulness can help us to take advantage of the brief gap in the mind between impulse and action.

And as to the wisdom of anger, he states, “We all experience the wisdom of anger when we see how society mistreats people. When we have an honest insight into our own neuroses and vow to change. When we are inspired to say no to injustice and fight for something better. This wisdom is a source of strength, fearlessness, and solidarity. It can drive positive change.” 

The wisdom of anger; what a wonderful way to begin looking at the feeling that is at the ready, to be a useful, guiding and healthy emotion.

An article well worth reading:

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