Finding Our Filter

Ever say something that you wish you could take back? Perhaps said in hurt or anger; regardless, it was a knee jerk reaction that left someone else stung and you regretful?

Do you know someone who doesn’t have a filter; often leaving people in their wake either shaking their heads or doing damage repair?

Ultimately, we are responsible for how we speak to others; if we say something that we later regret, repair is necessary or the sting will linger. Perhaps a healthier option for the long run is to pause before saying something that immediately comes to mind, and instead ask ourselves:

“What is my intention before I make this choice?”

“Is it my intention to hurt this person? Is it my intention to be right? To feel superior? What will I ultimately gain from saying something sharp or insensitive?”

“Or, is my intention to strengthen the relationship, build trust, respect, empathy?”

We are much better served to slow down and think about how we are feeling, so as to best preserve the relationship. Finding our filter is a grounded place; one that focuses on effectiveness, compassion and growth.

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