Five Things That Tell You You’re Doing the Work

We like to say in therapy that it’s about “doing the work.” The understanding piece is important in getting there; so is self-reflection; but at some point we have to roll up our sleeves and dig in. Here are five ways to know if you’re doing the work:

  • Not immediately placing blame when reacting to something. This means you are taking the time to evaluate how you reacted, why you are having that response, and how you want to move forward in dealing with situation.
  • Creating new coping strategies. This process first begins by being able to recognize old ways of coping that may have protected you in the past, but are no longer serving you.
  • Creating clear boundaries. This includes learning how to say no, putting drama in it’s place, and learning which relationships to cultivate and those you need to manage.
  • Accountability. Not only for your own choices, but for the behaviour of others as well. It is about learning to carry only what is ours.
  • Self-care. You got it! You are doing the work when you can recognize your worth and celebrate it with time set aside for self-care.

Exploration is only piece of the process. “Doing the work” is another 🙂

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