Food Facts; Then and Now

Our body image is tied to our self image. When we don’t feel good in our bodies, it affects our emotional health as well; we can feel grumpy when we pull on our two-tight jeans, or allow negative thoughts to influence our mind set when we walk past a mirror.

Western society doesn’t do food right;  fast paced and a “more is better” focus has led the food industry to double and almost triple our portion sizes and calorie intake. Here are some interesting facts, then and now:

  • In 1970, Americans consumed  an average of 2,160 calories per day. Today, we sit closer to eating 2,673 calories daily.
  • In the 70’s and 80’s, you could buy a 3″ diameter bagel that was 140 calories; now they average 5″ at 350 calories.
  • Then, a 2.4 ounce french fry was 210 calories, now the same french fry is averaging  6.9 ounces at 610 calories.
  • Packaging sizes have increased; from the 1950’s to now, package sizes have increased by 67%!
  • Fountain sodas have increased 500% from the 50’s, with the norm in restaurants being free refills.
  • We have increased our average dinner plate from 9 inches to 12!

Knowing these types of facts can allow us to begin to make some small changes to the way we consume food. When eating out, ask for the smallest size, at home switch to a 9 or 10″ dinner plate averaging out portions, slow down and enjoy your food, write in a food journal for a week or so to get a greater idea of what you are eating and how much fast food is actually being consumed. Little changes might just make a difference to the way we feel about ourselves.

When it comes to food, let’s go back in time 🙂

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