Free Program on Resiliency

Dr. Rick Hanson is a psychologist and Senior Fellow at the Greater Good Science Centre at UC Berkeley. He writes about developing a resilient brain and the ability we have to acquire psychological resources in order to help us face the vulnerabilities that come with life’s challenges. He notes that these resources are located in our body, mind, and the world around us and include:

  • virtues
  • positive emotions
  • compassion and love
  • mindfulness
  • patience and determination
  • interpersonal skills

What is hopeful about this list, is that Hanson maintains that the majority of our inner resources are acquired. It is through our own goal oriented behaviour and choices that we can work to developing resilience; not only for times of crises, but also for our resilience in our day to day life.

I have signed up for a free program that talks about this very subject. If you are interested, you can follow this link:

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