Friends Are Good for the Soul

I will say this until I am blue in the face – “Friends are the ultimate gift in self-care.”

This past weekend, I had my annual girls weekend with three of my high school friends.  Spanning 29 years of friendship and living in four different areas, we have, in connection, raised our children together. For us, this weekend away is about nourishing our comfort system. We eat good food, drink good wine, laugh until we cry, and create memories that are unique to that experience.

The setting was The Opinicon Resort in Chaffey’s Lock, Ontario for a ReTreat Yourself getaway. The 1950’s vibe to the place gave us a feeling of stepping back in time while the backdrop of nestled cabins tucked into rolling hills and the still calm of Opinicon Lake brought us the peaceful feeling we all need. We signed up for workshops, completed a little “amazing race” type challenge, sat outside our cute little cabin and soaked up the sun. The food was amazing, the dance was awesome, the surroundings were lovely. But most importantly, we caught up, we laughed, we connected.  Friends are the ultimate gift in self-care. 

Photo credit: Me!

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