From Young to Old

A quote by Kristen Butler caught my eye:

“Sometimes you just need to talk to a four year old and an 84 year old

to understand life again.” 

There is no doubt about it, we get caught up in life. Deadlines at work, kid’s busy schedules, our volunteer duties; not to forget squeezing in some fun and self-care once in awhile. Although we may aim to remain grounded, and do so through thoughtful intent, there is nothing like the experiences we share with the little ones in our life as well as our elders. With the four year old, we are going to get the wide-eyed wonder of the way they view the world, and we are kept young ourselves by embracing their innocence. With the eighty-four year old, we are given wisdom beyond our years, drawing from their own experiences and how they navigated through their own time in history.

In either case, the perspective we gain is the same; an inherent feeling that our time on this earth is relative. It is a calling to place priority in our relationships, in building connection to our values and goals, all the while creating experiences for ourselves that bring into being both wonder and wisdom. :)

Photo credit: http://Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

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2 thoughts on “From Young to Old”

  1. That quote is such good advice. There’s a phrase sticking in my head, “Up and down the generations”. I think it might be a comedy book title. I grew up in a 3 generation household and I believe it strengthens and serves me well even today. Now I share a friend’s mother, who at 96 gives me good advice on life and baking.


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