Give a Little, Get A lot; June is Seniors Month

June is seniors month! Although we can appreciate the elderly people in our lives all year long, it is especially heartwarming to know that a month has been dedicated to them – and such a lovely month as well. We can learn a lot from people who have had life long experience – I loved being around my grandparents; there was a calmness to their energy that I admired. As we lived many miles away from each other, part of our communication included hand written letters; it was always so exciting to get a letter from Grandma :)

In honour of Seniors month, I am bringing attention to two organizations that might interest you. The first is called ElderWisdomCircle. From their website:

“The ElderWisdomCircle™ is an online inter-generational program pairing advice seekers with a network of older adults (“Elders”) who provide empathetic, caring, and supportive advice based on their own life experiences. Elders answer advice letters via the Internet, offering readers of younger generations free, personal advice on a wide range of topics—love and relationships, family and child-rearing, career and self-improvement, and much more.”

How cool is that? On both the website and Facebook page, you will find featured advice: anything from “My partner is grieving,” to “Sorry Dad, I don’t like your GF.”

To check out ElderWisdomCircle:

The second organization featured in this post is Love for the Elderly, a non-profit that collects letters for seniors and distributes them (they do so in over 60 countries and 6 continents) by being linked to seniors homes and activity centers. On the website, you will find all the information you will need to send letters to seniors.  What a lovely way to send some love and support to the senior citizens of our world. Love for the Elderly also feature other ways to contribute such as being a Kindness Ambassador.

To check out Love for the Elderly:

Give a little, get a lot. :)

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