Going Inward; A Passage by Yung Pueblo

I love this passage by Yung Pueblo:

the biggest shift in your life happens when you go inward.

you step in and observe all that you find with acceptance;

the love you bring lights up your self-awareness;

you start seeing how the past is packed into your mind and heart – 

patience, honesty, and observation start the healing process.


with time, intention, and good healing practices,

the past loses its power over your life.

you continue the process – stepping in, feeling, 

understanding and letting go.

and then you start noticing the results; you are

not the same anymore.

your mind feels lighter and develops a new,

sharper clarity.

you start arriving into your life and relationships

ready for deeper connection.

– yung pueblo (from his book Clarity and Connection)

To visit his website: https://yungpueblo.com/

Photo credit:https://unsplash.com/@elisa1308

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