Why Gratitude is an Important Element to Our Well-Being

There is much talk about gratitude and how it can be instrumental in increasing happiness. Perhaps this is why:

  • Being grateful tends to shift our focus from negative bias. When we intentionally count our blessings, we purposefully focus on positive experiences.
  • Being grateful has lasting effects. Writing out a thank you card, telling someone you appreciate their act of kindness, or treating someone to a coffee gives us a sense of goodness that tends to increase overall satisfaction in relationships.
  • By cultivating an appreciation for what we already have, we focus on the simple graces of life; bringing us a feeling of inner contentedness.

Increasing gratitude can come by way of a journal, but it can also come through prayer, by folding it into your dinner or bedtime routine (everyone lists one thing they were grateful for during the day), or simply by saying thank you – including little things such as doing the dishes, or the door being held open for you. It really becomes about consciously increasing the act of gratitude and bringing a bit more of it into our daily routine. It will serve us well! :)

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4 thoughts on “Why Gratitude is an Important Element to Our Well-Being”

  1. We exercise our gratitude muscle by flexing in the ways you have listed, keeping our eyes open to blessings, naming them as such, and taking an action like offering a thank you. I believe this exercise might produce as many endorphins as physical exercise, who knows!


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