Grief Revisited

One of the stages of grief is acceptance. When we have fully reached that stage, there is a feeling of integration of our loss; we are able to recognize that the bereavement we have endured also sits alongside the love we felt and the strength we have gathered through the process.

We can be moving right along, joyfully integrated, when a trigger upsets the apple cart. Sometimes it comes in the form of a dream, other times in circumstantial events that are happening in our lives, sometimes it comes as a re-enactment if a similar loss happens to someone close to us.

Grief revisits us. It can make us feel as though we are experiencing the loss again; perhaps less painfully but there nonetheless. It is when we are feeling vulnerable that we might question the work we have done in getting to a place of healing. It becomes important to recognize that grief has its own timeline and that it is a normal process that it touches us again when triggered to.

The steps we have taken to integrate loss and love are not lost to us in those revisited moments; rather it is a time where we can once again gather our strength, take a deep breath, and say “we got this.” πŸ™‚

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2 thoughts on “Grief Revisited”

  1. I myself have wondered if that integration creates depth to our empathy, that our hearts, in rebuilding from loss become bigger somehow, and are readily touched by the loss we see in others. It is different than sympathy, it’s a meeting of the hearts I think. I have never been told by anyone for whom tears stand in my eyes in hearing of their loss, that they were offended. We give a gift of empathy when our own losses are touched by others.

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