Having a Low Day? Tips to Try Out

We all have those low kind of days where we just feel pulled down a bit. Might be the weather, something coming up that is giving us some anticipatory worry, feeling a bit lonely or unfulfilled, a build up of a too busy week. When we recognize a blue day, our goal becomes to feed our comfort system – to remind ourselves of the importance of some internal care and attention. Here are some tips for a low day:

  • Create a warm space. Light a candle, listen to some favourite music, turn the fireplace on, buy yourself some fresh flowers, drink some herbal tea.
  • Try some self talk. Telling ourselves “this too shall pass,” or “tomorrow is a new day,” is often enough to remind us that a low mood is typically temporary.
  • Jot down what you are grateful for. When we are feeling low, we will often bypass counting our blessings. And yet, the very act of writing down what we are thankful for is a great reminder that our low mood is not an indication of the big picture.
  • Get outside. Spending time in nature always rejuvenates the soul. The fresh air helps to reset our system too.
  • Get inspired. Listen to an uplifting podcast, read a self-help article, scroll through Pinterest for recipes to try or crafts to make. Anything that sparks your creative interests will help with a blue day.
  • Get connected. Call a friend, go out for a coffee, write a love note, let your loved ones know a hug would be appreciated.

We can’t always help it when a low mood comes our way. But we can take extra good care of ourselves on those days; reminding ourselves that we are deserving of our own love and attention, our own compassion and kindness.

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