Healing is a Together Process

When people set out to heal themselves, to work through and process some of their grief or pain, it is usually with the intent that they need to do so for themselves. They feel stuck, hindered, arrested in their sorrow and they have come to the realization that in order to move forward, they must work through the injury, integrating it into their story to find peace.

But healing is not an alone process. When we consciously choose to heal ourselves, it sends out a ripple effect. We can feel this in our immediate relationships, as we may have released the tendency to mistrust. Perhaps in processing our grief, we allowed ourselves to feel free from the emotions that will create a sharper edge to our reactions; we learn how to cope with the deeper connections that often come from being in relationship to other people. We are free to move more from a position of calm than one of defense.

Healing is a together process. It often requires the help of others to allow objectivity and validation room to work their magic; bringing forth gifts of understanding and acceptance.

When we choose to heal ourselves, we subconsciously contribute to healing others. What a lovely gift 🙂

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  1. The ripple effect is very powerful, and reminds me of a link to your noting in a previous post, “What we appreciate, appreciates” indeed a very powerful gift. Thanks for this post today Kristine.


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