Healthy Relationship Reminder

Yesterday’s blog post featured what emotional entrapment can look like in a relationship. Today’s post is written as a reminder of what a healthy relationship consists of.

It is important to note that sometimes we need some individual healing before a relationship can truly hold safety for us. We tend to re-enact our wounds and patterns from childhood in our intimate relationship; being aware of this and healing those wounds first will set the stage nicely for a healthy relationship:

  • Consistency. Healthy relationships are consistent and stable. Although we can feel frustrated or annoyed at times with our partner, in a healthy relationship there is the overall feeling that you can count on each other.
  • Trust. Without it, you are in the middle of an ocean with no life raft. In a healthy relationship we can trust our partner to be honest; both in their words and their actions.
  • Commitment. In a healthy relationship, both parties are committed to the relationship by recognizing its value and investing time and effort into maintaining it.
  • Appreciation. Being grateful for the relationship helps to maintain that sense of commitment while at the same time tempering our natural negative bias.

Although there are many other qualities that are a part of a healthy relationship, these are considered to be some of the core elements. If you see your relationship here, good work! And if there is something that you feel is missing, perhaps it is time to find ways to build the relationship to a healthier place. There are times when seeking professional help can also be quite beneficial to understanding what is in the way of growth.

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