Hitting the Ditch

Ever have the experience of accidentally hitting the ditch? Maybe the weather was bad, or you were driving a bit too fast (or both). Maybe someone veered into your lane and you had no choice; before you know it, the car is taking its own path and you have lost control.

Very often, it is the same in life. Travelling along, sometimes we ‘hit the ditch’ because of our own choices, other times, it is the challenges that get in our way. For the time that it takes to get lodged, things are going fast and are out of our control. Once the car settles, and we realize that we are okay, we tend to sit there in a bit of disbelief, unsure of what to do next. Regardless of how stuck we might be, we tend to try first to drive out or put it in reverse, and realize, after some time, that spinning our wheels isn’t going to work.

It is then that we ask for help, and if we know what is best for us, we accept what is being offered. We will actively participate in getting the car unstuck, and it is from here that we ask “What’s next?” and take things one step at a time.

And so it can be when faced with a need for change; to break a habit and form a healthier one, to work on a past hurt and heal from it, to solve a problem when it is presented. We can spin our wheels for a long time, or we can decide that ‘today is the day I get out of the ditch.’ :)

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