Holding Doors for Strangers

I figured that as we are going into what many are calling the second wave of Covid-19, we can lean into these lovely words:

As the world fights to figure everything out,

I’ll be holding doors for strangers,

letting people cut in front of me in traffic,

saying good morning,

keeping babies entertained in grocery lines,

stopping to talk to someone who is lonely,

being patient with sales clerks,

smiling at passersby.


Because I will not stand idly by and

live in a world where love is invisible.

Join me in showing kindness,

understanding, and judging less.

Be kind to a stranger,

give grace to friends who are having a bad day,

be forgiving of yourself – today and every day.


We may have to do this with masks and social distancing, but we can do it. We can be patient. We can be kind. We can smile. We can make a difference.

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Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@pillepriske


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