How Can I Stay Motivated?

You decided something needed to change; perhaps that involved a decision with your health (“I am going to exercise more”), a boundary that needed to be set (“I am no longer going to answer ‘baiting’ texts”) or a self-care goal (“I am going to meditate every morning.”)

When we establish goals we are full of motivation. Fueled by a feeling of “that’s it, something has to change,” we feel confident in our decision to establish a new habit and have faith we can get ourselves there. And then ….. things fall flat. Our best intentions have lost their mojo, and one ‘off’ day can send us right off track.

Willpower and motivation are fed by emotion. When we are feeling great, both are by our side and we can conquer the world. When we are feeling crummy, willpower and motivation are the first fellows out the door. So how can we stay motivated? Two words: planning and discipline. 

When choosing a goal, we need to ask ourselves “What is the best plan for this to succeed?” As as example, when I want to increase the amount that I exercise, I know that walking suits me best, first thing in the morning is the ideal time for me, and if I have a nature trail to walk on, that will entice me ten times more than walking through streets in town. This plan will help to keep me on track. Our goals should be achievable and tailored to what we know works for us. 

From there, we move to discipline. We don’t rely on “how we feel in the morning,” but rather rely on a “regardless of how I feel, get to it anyway.” We have all had the experience of not wanting to do something, forcing ourselves to do it anyway, and then feeling better after we have. And that is because, at our very core, we are meant to live our full lives.

Planning and discipline, you can invite them to join your team 🙂

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