How to Push Back Against Indifference

Yesterday’s post explored 5 facts about indifference. Sometimes we can be indifferent in our relationship, sometimes we can lean into it when it comes to a specific situation such as our health – in any case, the first step is to recognize the indifference and how it might be affecting us in both¬† the short and long term. It is often easy to overlook the little things we used to do to take care of our loved ones, or ourselves, but this will create a cumulative effect, and before we know it, the issue has become larger than we anticipated.

  1. Examine and recognize. Take some time to self-reflect as to where indifference might be playing a role in your life.
  2. Write out some goals as to how to begin the process of caring again. Do a little online research, figure out attainable goals that you can begin to incorporate into the area that best needs some care.
  3. Action. We will never get there if we don’t put our goals into motion. Not only does this help with combatting the indifference, we tend to automatically feel better when we are focused on movement.

When we can address the areas in our life to which we have become complacent, we can also begin to recognize how that might be affecting others in our lives as well. Pushing back against indifference is an important step in creating a healthy emotional life.

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