The Importance of Acceptance

Sometimes we get really stuck in something we wish would change. When we are also challenged by a situation that is unjust, our tenaciousness in trying to avoid reality becomes even stronger. We remain in an unhealthy relationship, on the potential of change. We suffer through a toxic work environment because “it shouldn’t be this way.” We avoid facing the truths that are painful by stuffing them down. We get wrapped up in the drama around us as a way to evade examining our own role in the situation. We refuse to accept reality.

Rejecting reality; however does not change reality.  Let’s read that again: Rejecting reality does not change reality. The facts are the facts; as much as may have wished it to be different or fail to understand why it happened in the first place, “it is what it is.” 

Through acceptance, we feel both the sadness of the situation, but also the calmness that follows when we can let something go. Acceptance does not mean that you approve or like the situation, it simply means that you have acknowledged that there are some things you just can’t change. Acceptance opens the door to a sense of emotional neutrality, the possibility of forgiveness and a moving forward with a peaceful heart.

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